The Colorful World of Diamonds: Explaining Diamond Color to Your Customers By Debra Greenstein


Diamonds come in many colors and many different shades. From white, to striking “fancies,” the choice of diamonds for your customer can be colorless or full of color, depending on their preference. As a diamond retailer, being able to explain the variations in color, while describing the unique qualities of each variant in a positive way, will help your customer choose the diamond they find most beautiful


The Promise of a Diamond: An Overview for Jewelers and Non-Jewelers Alike By Debra Greenstein, December 8, 2015


The diamond’s promise is the essence of what makes it so special to consumers. The promise is at the heart of every diamond purchase and is what sets diamonds apart from other luxury goods. A diamond has meaning; it conveys emotion and is a symbol of love, elegance, beauty, and wealth. The diamond, because of its physical nature, stands for eternity, purity and innocence. When proffered, it expresses commitment, faithfulness, and trust. Delight and entertain your customers with these concepts and further garner their confidence in their purchase.


Why It’s Important to Avoid Diamonds From Zimbabwe By Saville Sterne

Zimbabwe_2Many of us have heard that we should avoid buying diamonds mined in Zimbabwe. This is because they are considered “conflict diamonds” or “blood diamonds” because of the legal and ethical issues involved. Why is this so?

What are Marange Diamonds?

In 2008, large quantities of diamonds were found in the Marange area of Zimbabwe, and geologists estimate that this deposit, covering 300 square miles, may be the largest diamond find on Earth.

The Zimbabwe government took over the Marange fields in 2010 and they have partnered with a number of private companies that employ around 10,000 miners. But the situation is not good. There have been regular reports of diamond workers being raped, killed, tortured and abused by government security forces. There are also allegations of corruption and profiteering, smuggling and illegal mining by the local mining companies. These actions are obviously not acceptable, and we can put an end to this by addressing the sale of these diamonds.

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The Price Is Right At Cool Blue Diamond

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