Why It’s Important to Avoid Diamonds From Zimbabwe By Saville Sterne

Zimbabwe_2Many of us have heard that we should avoid buying diamonds mined in Zimbabwe. This is because they are considered “conflict diamonds” or “blood diamonds” because of the legal and ethical issues involved. Why is this so?

What are Marange Diamonds?

In 2008, large quantities of diamonds were found in the Marange area of Zimbabwe, and geologists estimate that this deposit, covering 300 square miles, may be the largest diamond find on Earth.

The Zimbabwe government took over the Marange fields in 2010 and they have partnered with a number of private companies that employ around 10,000 miners. But the situation is not good. There have been regular reports of diamond workers being raped, killed, tortured and abused by government security forces. There are also allegations of corruption and profiteering, smuggling and illegal mining by the local mining companies. These actions are obviously not acceptable, and we can put an end to this by addressing the sale of these diamonds.

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The Price Is Right At Cool Blue Diamond

r-456-1When you are listening to the radio, and hear an ad about getting a great price from of the leading jewelry stores in the area, you should chuckle to yourself thinking how absurd! As soon as they mention the word “Store” you should know that they won’t match the price at Cool Blue Diamond.

After they add in the cost of the sales staff, the rent or mortgage on the building, the bank interest of the loan on the merchandise, insurance, and all of the other expenses included in running a retail store, the end cost will be close to or more than twice that of Cool Blue Diamond.  Call Us at Cool Blue Diamonds in Minneapolis Today!

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 Attn: Richard @ Cool Blue Diamond, Minnetonka, Minnesota

I was introduced to Richard and Cool Blue Diamond through my brother, who had purchased numerous diamonds in the form of necklaces, rings, and earrings for his wife from Richard. Their jewelry was the most brilliant and stunning I had seen in many years; and I worked in the high-end wedding industry.

When I called Richard to inquire about diamonds and an engagement ring, I was pleasantly surprised to reach the man himself. He was pleasant, inquisitive, and fun to talk to on the phone. He wanted to know who I was, what my interests were and what I was looking for in a wedding and the type of personality I had. He was the first jeweler to ask me, the ring-buyer and not the ring-wearer, what I was interested in. He then asked about my prospective fiancé. He wanted the story of how we met, who she was, who we were together, who we wanted to be in the future. He asked about our other experiences at other jewelers and what he enjoyed about them as a store and what we disliked. Finally, he wanted to know what type of ring we were looking at and a general price range. It was the most relaxed and fun conversation I had ever had on this engagement ring finding adventure we were on. When the call ended, we setup a time to meet at his office and he said that he would find the absolute best rings that would match us perfectly.

And boy, was he right!

When we went to Richard’s office, we sat down and he had a conversation with my soon-to-be fiancé that really delved into what she wanted and what she disliked about the ring search. He wanted to know what made her happy and what made her tick. After this conversation, Richard pulled out three diamonds and a tray of ten white gold and platinum settings. When he looked at her fingers, he removed several settings and one of the diamonds because they did not compliment the graceful length of her piano-playing fingers. When he brought out the two diamonds, we were hooked. They had a perfect sparkle with a blue brilliance that took our breath away. He sized the diamonds to her finger first and there was no question that we had found the perfect diamond for her. It was a stunning 1.5 carat oval cut diamond with a slightly larger table that just opened up the diamond to the light. It would have been perfect on its own in a simple Tiffany setting, but Richard wasn’t done yet. He then set the diamond aside and brought forth the settings. We had been adamant about no Halo-style rings. We had seen too many at other jewelers where the Halo took over the ring and made a beautiful diamond look small and pointless. When I saw that Richard had three Halos in the settings collection, I was disappointed and we skipped over them while trying out the others without the big diamond. We then loosely placed the big diamond in the settings and I was happy with them, but not stop-in-my-tracks blown away. That was until Richard said to close our eyes and for my fiancé-to-be to hold out her ring finger. When we opened them, he had a triple-banded Halo setting that set the diamond above the Halo on her finger. It was perfect. He had known from the beginning that this would be the ring. It was a one-of-a-kind setting that just screamed for an oval diamond and the halo was meant to accent the purity of the diamond. The abundance of perfect .1 carat diamonds in the band and halo were so clear and bright, that they increased the brilliance of the already brilliant oval diamond, yet the entire setting was simple, clean, and more “Tiffany’s” than the rings that I had seen from the company itself.

Now we were in for the infamous sticker shock which had killed us at other stores.

And were we shocked! The price was a half of what we had seen for comparable stones and settings in other stores. Half! For a diamond that was a half carat larger and several steps clearer and more brilliant. That is the benefit of going with someone who is THE diamond importer for more than 200 stores in the Midwest. All of these stores that you hear on the radio or read in ads, they get their diamonds from Richard, who goes to Tel Aviv himself and buys the diamonds directly from the master diamond cutters. You honestly can see it in the quality, workmanship, and brilliance of these stones. He keeps the absolute best of his purchases for his own clients, and boy does it show.

It has been a year since we purchased our ring. My fiancé said, “Yes!” and she gets compliments on the ring literally every single day from total strangers. If anyone is looking for a ring, or any other diamond jewelry, there is no need to look anywhere else.


Dan & Becky