Save Money on DiamondsIn todays world, it is more important than ever to be a smart buyer.  Why then do some people believe that the more they pay, the better the product?  The idea that the only way to insure that you are receiving quality when buying diamond jewelry, is to buy a heavily advertised designer name, or from a grossly over-priced “celebrity jewelry store,” is simply ridiculous.  To be willing to pay a lot more than needed for the color of a box, or the name on the inside of a ring is absurd, and unnecessary.  In most cases it is equivalent to throwing your money in the garbage!

The facts are that with todays advanced technology, all designs can be duplicated to near perfection.  When you are dealing with a reputable, qualified dealer that has a history of consistently providing quality, they will explain how gold is gold, platinum is platinum, and specific quality diamonds are diamonds.  Stamping a designer name on the inside, or delivering the product in a fancy box does not add to the value of a piece of jewelry.

The building of a brand costs a tremendous amount of money.  Every television, radio, and magazine add produced in order to enhance product recognition is ultimately going to be paid for by the consumer.  Ask yourself if you are willing to pay double or more to simply satisfy your ego.

    Many retail jewelers advertise 50/60/70 even 80 percent off when offering discounts on diamond jewelry.  The real question consumers ask themselves is, %80 off of what?

   The truth is that large Diamond Retail Sales Gamesdiscounts are only possible when huge excessive markups are applied to any given merchandise.  If an item costs a store $100, and is marked up to $1,000, or more, a profit can still be made, while giving the impression that the customer is receiving a phenomenal bargain.  In truth if a legitimate markup is applied, no store could survive on offering absurd discounts.  Most of those practicing these sales tactics are attempting to convince the public that an item has a perceived value far greater than its true value.  Offering an inferior product that visually looks better than it is, is a common way to accomplish irresponsible discounting.

    Everyone in the jewelry industry understands that in today’s world, consumers are out shopping for the best value their dollar can buy.  If common sense is applied, the attraction to high overhead stores offering huge discounts should be avoided.  Instead seeking out a seller with very low costs of doing business (i.e. No fancy names, name brands, elaborate show rooms, numerous high paid employees etc.) and who simply offers a legitimate, firm, low price will prove to be a far smarter buying experience.  In other words, find a reputable, legitimate distributor of diamonds who simply will not play misconception games.

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